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Ice Cream Cones

Our Projects.

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The Nun On The Run
Feature Film

Before a nun accepts her final vows, she goes to New York City where she accidentally becomes a viral sensation. The Church wants to use her new popularity to their advantage and it’s then she must decide where her true faith lies.

Link to Lookbook.

Tony Loves Tina
Feature Film

After 10 years in the joint, a progressive and charming mobster, Tony, must face his past before it ruins his chances at love-- in a retirement community of all places where he’s hiding from his old crew. 

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Russia's Got Beef

Feature Film.  Story by Mary Henen.

When the Prime Minister of Russia gives an ordinary pencil-pusher the opportunity to manufacture American Porterhouse Steaks in Russia, he must enlist the help of an American Cowboy and another unexpected group to get the job done. Joining this pair, a lively and intense cast reminds us the importance of teamwork and compassion.

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Television. Created with Mary Henen & Mary Zitnik.

When an esteemed sorcery school is cast with a scandal, the misfits remaining must bond together to keep the school afloat, even if their tactics are questionable.

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The EX-Scape Room
Television / Game Show 

In 2015, there were only 450 escape rooms internationally and now there are over 50,000 escape rooms world-wide. People have brought their families, friends, dates, spouses, bachelor/bachelorette, office, birthday parties, and much more to these ‘escape rooms’… NOW, we want to call on what would never come forth on its own— but with our help, and certainly some cash incentive, the combo to ignite the right fight to win— putting the ‘EX,’ in the ‘EX-SCAPE ROOM.

Link to Lookbook.

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